Curious Blanka

Street Fighter Curious George Crossover for Alicia! Curious Blanka

If you would like your own custom art and you want me to make it for you, Contact me via email Shpoafphh@gmail.com or find me on Twitter@Shpoafphh !! Thanks for looking!


DnD character art

Thank you for your business! If you want me to draw for you,  contact me at Shpoafphh@gmail.com, rates depend on the project. mynxpng2

This one was also for the lovely Twitter@uglytrapmaid.com! Be sure to check out her Youtube Channel!

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Been a while

Life is hectic.. I never seem to have enough time to finish these comics lately. I have been working on vicious, about p2b.. tbh.. I just haven’t been able to keep apolitical, so I’m just not publishing them. However, i did create a set of characters i might make into a political satire, don’t have a name for it yet but here’s the cast thus far. As always, thanks for reading and i hope you have a great week! 20170829_043430.jpg