Friday March 28th

Ddayhoth   There is a lot of disinformation out there. I know because I make a habit of finding the stuff and posting it to my Facebook just to see if any of my friends call me out on it.  Sometimes people think that this stuff is true.  The problem is, when there are 50+ pages confirming a bullshit story like the Titanic being a conspiracy (I shit you not) it leads to several other idiots who fancy themselves historians to start preaching this stuff like its true.  All I’m saying is, check the sources.  Go to the local deserted library and read a book published about the subject and check that books bibliography.  Its a lot of work, and if you think its too much work, maybe you should find a new subject to preach about.   By the same token, don’t go dismissing someone else’s point of view just because it doesn’t line up with yours, if you took your time to talk to that person and discuss the subject like adults (I use that term loosely), the two of you could walk away with a little more knowledge and possibly a new friend.

I just needed to vent.  As always, thanks for reading, keep a smile on your face, it’s bound to piss someone off.



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