Its been a long time

I’ve been spending most of my free time at the hospital with my father.. He’s still recovering from a stroke he had back in June.  I’m not looking for sympathy, this is just what’s going on in my life right now.  Here are a few drawings I did while I sat in waiting rooms waiting for nurses to finish cleaning my old man.

The first was a Doom inspired monster, next to it is a Poke’mon logo I made on some industrial grade vynil for a Life Abstract Gaming Pokémon go event, and finally there’s a tie I made for a friend of my mothers who was retiring from his job.  Currently I’m working  on the new page- It’s really rough (even compared to the things I posted earlier) and I’m not going to post it until I’m happy with it.. I appreciate your patience, and as always, thanks for looking!  New episode soon!



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